dinsdag 20 oktober 2009

By the way: I am in France

dinsdag 20 oktober 2009

Yesterday a lovely day in France, doing some tanning with friend S. It a pitty that I have to learn for my exams...

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Kathelijn zei

JEALOUS!!! :P have fun ;)

stilettolover91 zei

Beautiful pictures!!! I haven't been on vacation in over 4 years!! So jealous!! You look fabulous though!! Have fun!


Lost at 11 zei

Look at the weather there! <3 It's so cold here :(
Have fun!

JadoreVogue ♥ zei

Wat heerlijk dat je in Frankrijk bent! Leuke foto's

Faridah zei

So pretty and summery. You have a lovely blog!

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